Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Poesia No. 3

And image number 3...  (this one actually made me feel a little weird... I wonder if it has the same effect on anyone else?)  Comment/respond any way you like! 

Project info here.

Thank you so much for joining in! 


  1. Just talking about this :-)

    "Memphis was Chers song I think
    It has a message
    about style and emotion over facts
    our passions are what energise us and our community

    I think humans debate a lot
    It's not rational but it's how we make decisions

    there is a line.
    Now, Muriel plays piano
    Every Friday at the Hollywood
    And they brought me down to see her
    And they asked me if I would
    Do a little number
    And I sang with all my might
    She said, "Tell me are you a Christian, child?"
    And I said, "Ma'am, I am tonight!""


    1. Roy, your perspective is always very worth reading. Thank you for your thoughts!

  2. My brain hurts.

  3. I'm tired of thinking. Just be and do.

  4. Everyone's thinking inside the box!

  5. Thank you so much for all your perspectives, everyone - I'm constantly amazed at how many different ways there are, to view the same thing! You are all amazing!!

  6. Some days thinking the wrong way hurts my brain. (Shona)


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