Tuesday, 7 February 2017

A Poem A Day 28


In the shopping centre carpark,
trolleys crash
breakers. Echoing
traffic mimics distant surf.  My
smartphone becomes
washing up sculpture in
MMS.  Curves in weathered wood
sound like a whaleboat,
crazed and craggy,
yet timeworn smooth, the deck invites
touch, while above,
aimless harpoon
gun still shines with menace, a resonance
of fear; a sculpted
singing beauty and dissonance.

Kerry Miller

One of the most wonderful things about this poetry challenge, has been hearing from friends who have been also inspired to create as a result of the poems. This poem was written in response to a beautiful sculpture by my friend Andre Nortje, representing a derelict whaling boat. He sent me photos in a text message, telling me he had been inspired to begin sculpting again by the poetry challenge, and that this sculpture, in particular, seemed to him like a visual poem.  I have to agree.   

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