Wednesday, 8 February 2017

A Poem A Day 29

                    What They Said

When we said some words, in front of a minister, before God.
          They said our vows were holy, unbreakable.
                    I signed with my life.

When he exploded because I moved furniture in our newlywed apartment.
          They said things would get better.
                    I waited, on eggshells.

When he blamed me for something he had lost and yelled, and yelled, and yelled
           They said I should not have yelled back.
                    I took responsibility for the escalation.

When he soiled everything, did nothing, and my frustration boiled over
           They said I should respect him.
                    I could not, and felt a failure.

When the yelling and fighting and demanding became too much and I ran away
          They said our bond was sacred.
                    I went back to him.

When I did not want sex, and he pressured and bullied me
          They told me I needed to love him.
                    I drank numbness to satisfy him.

When his abuse became intolerable, and I left the house to escape
          They said our relationship needed help.
                    I kept going through the motions.

When, exhausted, with a newborn, I said no to sex and he railed all night, relentless
          They did not say anything
                    And I was too tired to even think of a response.

When I rang the police, to ask if they could stop the yelling
          They said if he was not hitting me, they could do little.
                    I swallowed my pain.

When I ran to my family after yet another argument
          They questioned my communication skills.
                    I continued struggling.

When I broke down in Church, begging God for help or relief
          They said I needed to believe more.
                    I prayed harder.

When he worked through our family holiday and we were without him
          We breathed freely, walked on solid earth
                    I found clarity.

When I finally walked away
          They questioned my motives.
                    I believed myself.

                    Kerry Miller

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