Friday, 6 January 2017

A Poem A Day 1.

(An ode to online dating)

The Buddhists say
pain stems from desire.

But I can’t help

It’s not that I’m

I just want things
to work out ok

I want a life
that’s satisfying

And I just want
to be loved.

Admired, maybe,
for my long-limbed beauty

In spite of greys,
wrinkles, and imperfect teeth.

But seen for who
I am, not objectified.

Can’t you tell? I’m
caring and clever.

A life lived in
this skin has made me

Wise, sometimes,
and real. So very real.

I posted this
on a profile, online.

So they could see
the treasure in me

That all these years
and this life have made

But when I try
to measure up, to them

Nothing fits and
I am found


Kerry Miller


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