Tuesday, 24 January 2017

A Poem A Day 18


There’s a thing I want to leave
but just can’t leave alone
Spectacle America – watch it come undone!
All the entertainment of a bus crash,
the compulsion of an itchy rash
all this morbid fascination
with a disunited nation
Why can’t I look away?
What is causing me to stay
with this news stream, bad dream,
parade of disarray?
and this churning in my tummy
more uncomfortable than funny
makes me wonder what it is
that has me up in such a tizz
‘cos it’s not like we’re alike
in our democratic biz
All our pollies have integrity
They’re not moved by popularity
voted in for their celebrity
or bartered monetarily
oh, not here!  We’re far too pure
and reasoned, ordinarily
We have no disaffected masses
Who might vote for pompous asses
No societal divide
To make the plebs dissatisfied
And all our immigrants are welcome
All we want to do is help ‘em
And the rich aren’t getting richer
And the poor all get the picture
We have harmony and certainty
A rosy coloured future
Geez, they ought to put a tax
On such “alternative facts”!

Kerry Miller 

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