Monday, 30 January 2017

A Poem A Day 24

Summer Heat

Bring the pets inside.  Water
them and the garden – soak it. 
It’s life or death, now.  The lawn
crackles underfoot.  Screenshots
on social media compare numbers
in the 40’s.  In the car I fan myself
in front of blasting aircon; I’m
one of the Bee Gees, so addicted
to the cold breeze!  The freezer
ice drawer becomes a revolving
door.  Is that bush smoke, in the
air?  There’s danger, somewhere
that wind is hot!  Tasks are left
half, or un-done – this heat saps
everyone.  Neighbours, in the evening
linger outside, trying to cool.  If only
we had a pool!  Voices drift across
patios and fences. Can’t sleep at night,
clothes thrown off – not even sheets. 
Windows open, begging for relief, but
the air is listless and heavy. Forecasts
stretch like heat haze into forever.

Kerry Miller

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