Monday, 16 January 2017

A Poem A Day 11.


A country breeze is free and spacious,
dancing over mountains, lilting the forests 
and whispering across plains, carrying dust 
and eucalypt, a weather report,news of 
fires, or perhaps the promise of rain.

A city breeze is a friendly local, 
wafting neighbourly smells across
fences, and information down
alleyways. Sometimes with grimy
ndertones, but always conversational.

A sea breeze is a visitor from afar, 
singing breathy tales of distant horizons
accompanying driftwood and sprouting
mangrove seeds; marooning bluebottles
with their bubble-sails glistening.

Kerry Miller

I'm not sure whether this needs to go anywhere further or not... perhaps there will be a fourth stanza.  Some day. 

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